Local Mexicans Ask More of New Consul

Diego Gómez-Pickering (Photo via Diario de México)

Diego Gómez-Pickering (Photo via Diario de México)

New Consul General of Mexico in New York Diego Gómez-Pickering said on June 27 that he will work tirelessly to reaffirm the relevance of Mexicans in the city and to exalt their role as a fundamental pillar of the development of the United States.

During his first meeting with the press, the diplomat said that his efforts will concentrate on tending to urgent key matters for Mexico and the Mexican community.

Gómez-Pickering added that he will work hard to build strategic links with political and public authorities to promote and protect the interests of Mexicans, strengthen efficient consular services and see that the rights of Mexican migrants are protected.

On the other hand, the diplomat stressed the need to tackle the anti-immigrant rhetoric spreading throughout the U.S. by empowering his compatriots, who he admitted are being hard-hit by the negative campaign being carried out against them.

“The valuable contribution that the Mexican community makes to this country has been extensively demonstrated. Statistics don’t lie in this city: Anyone can see the figures showing the many compatriots who own companies on U.S. territory who pay taxes and create jobs, and the scores of Mexicans who contribute to the growth of this nation with their hard work every day,” he said.

“I am greatly disappointed in any kind of racist position, regardless of which sector generates it, but I am sure that – particularly with Mexico – it comes from lack of knowledge and disinformation about the invaluable relationship between Mexico and the U.S.,” he added.

In the consul’s opinion, the moment is right to counteract such unawareness by educating people in the U.S. about the nature of the bond linking the two countries and the significance of the input of Mexicans in this country’s success.

“There is a connection that goes beyond trade which, as time goes by, grows stronger and requires reinforcement. Something else besides having a mutual border unites the United States and Mexico, and that is our cultural, historical, geographical and social ties, among other aspects,” said Gómez-Pickering.

Determined to watch over the interests of Mexican migrants living in New York, the consul said that he will stay close to the community.

“In the few days that I have been on this job, I have met with two prominent Mexican leaders in this city, and I expect to do the same with others in time.”

Readers of Diario de México USA sent their best wishes to the new consul, but also urged him to make a real commitment with a community in need:

  • Adam Lázaro: “The biggest wish those of us who live here have is that we can work together with the new consul, that we can have better services and, most of all, that he joins us in all the events and tasks that our community organizes.”
  • Jaime González: “He needs to have better communication with Mexicans in New York, hold a public hearing for everyday people, and tell us what plans he has to benefit the community and how he will help his fellow Mexicans.”
  • Patricia Ruiz-Navarro: “As the director of Mi Casa Es Puebla, I am fully confident that we will be able to collaborate on the topics we all care about, from streamlining paperwork to security issues.”
  • Rosa María Téllez: “I hope that the new consul works hand in hand with the Mexican community, specifically with undocumented people, who are the neediest in every sense and who are the economic lifeline of many families back in Mexico.”
  • Juan Carlos: “[I hope] that he will guarantee that our compatriots will be protected in vulnerable situations in the face of this racist immigration law; that he will reach out to our community and not replicate the despotism we have in Mexico.”
  • Carlos Madrid: “As a representative of Mexico in this city, I ask that he shows up when the time comes to see after the interests of our compatriots; that he gets closer to the community, not just focus on issuing documents.”
  • David Rodríguez: “As a Mexican citizen residing in New York, I hope that he will do his job and represent the Mexican people living here; that he and his team do not take this as a nice paid vacation.”

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