Movie Follows ‘Dreamer’ Who Ran from New York to California

Mexican-born Carlos Ibarra, whose run from Brooklyn to California – 3,000 miles – took him 72 days and ended in October, says that he has one more long-distance race ahead of him: becoming a Hollywood producer.

Last weekend, he presented his documentary “Run Carlos Run” at the Mexican Consulate in New York, and spoke to Reporte Hispano about his journey across the U.S.

“I learned a lot and really enjoyed the diversity of the United States,” said Ibarra. “For instance, New Jersey is obviously not New York, but it is much more organized for families, the nature is impressive, there are many outdoor activities to enjoy. They have really earned the ‘Garden State’ title.”

He considers that there is much to do and see all over the country. “Arkansas has so many ranches. It’s a more peaceful life, different from Missouri, which has the lakes and the immense vegetation that distinguishes it from Arizona, which, in turn, is all desert.”

One of the reasons that made him want to run across the North American continent was the fear that he might be forced to leave the U.S. Ibarra is a DACA recipient, and he wanted to see with his own eyes the country where he grew up and from which he might be expelled.

The runner says that one of the greatest discoveries of his journey was that the people he met along the way consider him American because of the way he speaks English and the assimilation to American lifestyle he demonstrates.

“This run has taught me that anything is possible and that we need to see life from different points of view. That has deepened the way I am able to see life from other people’s perspective,” he said.

Ibarra now visualizes a new future for himself. “I lived in Costa Mesa, California, and moved to New York to study and finally get my B.A. from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts. People told me that I couldn’t study because I had no papers, but I did it. So now, Hollywood beware, because I am coming. I want to be a writer, producer, actor, director, like my fellow Mexicans Alfonso Cuarón and Alejandro González-Iñárritu.”

He adds that he ran to show himself and others that there is no need to have a big name, fortune or large corporate sponsors in order to fulfill your goals.

In his view, all the the Mexican community needs is to earn its place. “We must open doors for ourselves. If we wait for everything to come to us, we will never achieve anything.”

For the time being, Ibarra is focused on taking his documentary “Run Carlos Run” to film festivals in Guadalajara and Monterrey. From then on, only God knows what lies ahead.

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