Changes in Demographic Data Collected by City Agencies

Legislation passed Oct. 13 by the City Council will collect more extensive data on those who identify as LGBT, and members of communities of color, in order to bring them better services, reports Times Ledger’s Bill Parry.

Intro 251-A requires certain city agencies – Social Services Department, Health Department, Education Department, among others – to provide to those they serve a demographic survey that contains the top 30 “largest ancestry groups and languages spoken” in NYC. Similarly, Intro 552-A requires agencies to collect data on sexual orientation and gender identity.

Daniel Dromm of Jackson Heights was the prime sponsor of both pieces of legislation.

“Now we count. This legislation is historic,” Dromm said. “It will provide the LGBTQ community and people of many different ethnicities greater access to vital city services. These important bills will do much to protect NYC residents who have been subject to institutional discrimination and neglect for far too long. This legislation will mean great things for our city.”

Meanwhile, Intro 551-A, the prime sponsor of which was Margaret Chin of Lower Manhattan, will have agencies provide an “option for multiracial ancestry or ethnic origin” in its demographic surveys.

Go to Times Ledger to read reaction to the bills, and to find out about a resolution also passed by the City Council regarding multiracial identity.

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