Bangladeshis in Kensington Talk It Out After the Election

Community leader Mian Quadry spoke at the event. (Photo by Ditmas Park Corner)

Community leader Mian Quadry, here with his son and friends, spoke at the event. (Photo by Ditmas Park Corner)

At a Nov. 11 gathering at the Avenue C Plaza in Kensington, local Bangladeshis and public officials talked about how to move forward from the “hateful” rhetoric and possible dangers to immigrants, reports Carly Miller for Ditmas Park Corner.

Organized by Council member Brad Lander and community leaders, the event was not so much a protest as it was a place to talk and listen, with a call to action: “Know your rights and support your neighbors.”

Many speakers were motivated by optimism and strength at Friday’s public meeting, with many neighbors talking candidly about transforming their fear into productive action.

“So many of my friends who were apathetic about politics before the election began texting me and messaging me, saying they want to work with Planned Parenthood, they want to reach out to neighbors and organize. It’s a wake-up call for all of us,” said activist Hasiba Haq. “I’m proud to be a feminist today. I’ve never been more confident to be a woman, and I’m ready to break every glass ceiling and more,” she said.

She encouraged people to get involved in local political events and programs. Religious leaders, legal representatives and locals also addressed topics including language access, being approached by law enforcement and supporting younger generations. Read more about the event and watch it in action at Ditmas Park Corner.

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