Mexican ‘Dreamers’ Return to New York

(Photo via Diario de México)

After visiting Mexico for over a month as part of the Dreamers Without Borders educational program, “Dreamer” students returned to New York. The initiative seeks to promote the empowerment and professional development of DACA beneficiaries by allowing them to reconnect with their countries of origin.

Itzel Pérez was among the participants, and said that the experience was enriching and that it helped her learn more about Mexico and its social reality.

Mexican student Aída Rodríguez highlighted the value and significance of these types of educational programs that allow students to have a broader vision of Mexico in an academic setting.

The program was designed and implemented by the U.S.-Mexico Foundation (USFM) in association with UCLA, the Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education (TEC), the Institute for Mexicans Abroad (IME) and the governments of Jalisco, Puebla, Guerrero, México State, Michoacán and Guanajuato.

Thanks to this semi-private alliance between the USMF and its associates, the trip offered participants a truly unique and memorable educational experience.

“Every participant in the program will create a research project as part of their visit to Mexico in which Dreamers will provide English mentoring to students from Monterrey TEC’s scholarship program for students from low-income backgrounds,” said Rebeca Vargas, president and CEO of the USFM.

Regarding the activities the group completed in Mexico, Vargas said that the Dreamers’ agenda included a stay in Mexico City followed by another in each participant’s state of origin. During the time they were in the capital, they attended seminars and meetings with renowned professors from universities such as ITAM, CIDE and TEC, and met with government officials and executives from a number of companies, as well as civic leaders.

“The participants also met Mexican students, representatives from Mexican non-governmental organizations and Dreamers who returned to their country of origin. Also, they visited the Mexican Senate and some transnational corporations,” she said.

Finally, Vargas added that the 2016 delegation of Dreamers Without Borders followed the successful lead of the two previous ones implemented by the USMF in 2015, and that it is a historic achievement because this was the largest group of Dreamers to visit Mexico. One hundred youths were selected from the over 600 applicants.

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