Re-Election Campaign Ahead for Menchaca

Carlos Menchaca, chair of the Committee on Immigration of the New York City Council, is up for re-election this year (Photo by Alex Ayala for Voices of NY)

City Council member Carlos Menchaca, who four years ago became the first Mexican American elected to public office in NYC, is up for re-election and, writes Kelly Mena for Kings County Politics, he has three words for his potential competition: “Bring it on!”

Serving the 38th district, which encompasses Sunset Park and Red Hook, Menchaca has championed LGBT and immigrant issues, including the recent resolution affirming NYC as a sanctuary city.

Delvis Valdes is considering a run against Carlos Menchaca for the 38th district City Council seat. (Photo via Kings County Politics)

While no names have been confirmed, attorney and business owner Delvis Valdes is among those considering a run. The longtime resident of Sunset Park says he is “definitely not happy with what has happened in the past three years in this district” especially when it comes to education and homelessness.

Nothing has become of education in the last few years. We have a tremendous, tremendous shortage of seats both at the pre-k level and in the elementary level education. We are short on high school seats as well. There’s no planning for the future. Homelessness is another issue. De Blasio seems to halt any project here in Sunset Park, in particular for the homeless. (…)

Sara Gonzalez, the incumbent who Menchaca beat out for the council seat, is rumored to run, as is State Assembly member Felix Ortiz. In fact, the latter already has the support of Orthodox Jewish leaders in the city. Council member David Greenfield and Assembly member Dov Hikind said they will campaign against Menchaca over what they consider his anti-Israel positions, according to a separate Kings County Politics story.

They are particularly critical of a video posted on the council member’s Facebook page of a rally in which protesters chant, “All the walls have got to go, from Palestine to Mexico.”

“He’s [Menchaca] a freak’n idiot. Is he aware that wall is there to keep terrorists from murdering men, women and children and it’s actually worked,” said Hikind. “Is he aware terrorists used to explode themselves in restaurants and in bus stations and the street without reason and this didn’t happen in the West Bank.”

Go to Kings County Politics to read Menchaca’s response.

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