Contentious New York Visit by Mexican Presidential Candidate


Mexican presidential candidate Andrés Manuel López Obrador speaking (Photo by Marco Reza via Diario de México)

The Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe in New York City was the meeting point for the Mexican community and Andrés Manuel López-Obrador (AMLO), the leader of Mexico’s National Regeneration Movement (Movimiento Regeneración Nacional, or MORENA), who came to discuss the creation of the Civic Migrants Defense Front (Frente Cívico en Defensa de los Migrantes).

AMLO has been touring the United States since Feb. 12, and has visited Los Angeles, San Francisco and now New York.

“The Civic Front aims to provide arguments to the white middle class and workers to make them realize that migrants are not to blame for the fact that they are unemployed and have low incomes,” said AMLO, who will run for president for the third time in 2018.

He added that “this is why we need to talk to the people of the United States, because they do not know this point of view.”

(Photo by Marco Reza via Diario de México)

To conclude, he added: “The campaign of hatred and racism is penetrating conservative sectors. It is not immigrants who have caused the crisis but the way wealth is distributed. We must raise awareness among whites about the valuable contributions you and people of many other nationalities make.”

It must be noted that AMLO was unable to finish his speech, as he was abruptly interrupted by a compatriot identified as Francisco, who stood onstage with a sign questioning why AMLO has not started an equally vigorous campaign back home to protest the scores of Mexicans who lose their lives every day.

[Video of the speech and the incident can be found at Diario de México.]

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