Tri-State Area Shows Solidarity with Victims of Floods in Peru

Port Chester Board of Trustee member Luis Marino, helping to carry boxes of donated clothes. (Photo via Westchester Hispano)

A shipment with aid is on its way, money is being sent and benefit events continue.

The collection events to aid the victims of the rainstorms in Peru have yielded favorable results, and the first container full of clothes meant to help people who have lost everything is on its way to the South American nation.

According to Port Chester Board of Trustee member Luis Marino, the clothes collected by the group New York Unidos por el Perú in Passaic and Port Chester was dispatched on Friday, March 31, and sent out on Wednesday, April 5. The cargo ship will arrive at the port of Callao on April 24. After that, processing will take another eight days, approximately.

“It will arrive in Callao and then taken to the affected areas to be delivered to people in need,” said Marino. “A group of us will fly there to make the delivery in person. We are all paying for our own air tickets and expenses,” he added.

The first event held by the group of Peruvian volunteers took place at St. Peter’s Church in Port Chester on Sunday, March 19. They were able to collect $15,200, which will be used to buy provisions, water and basic necessities for the people affected in the mountains north of Lima. Part of the funds will be used to cover the shipping costs of the container, which will be sent by ocean freight.

“We will help the victims in Huarmey, Moro, San Jacinto, the area of Norte Chico in the mountains of Lima, and we will also go to Ica,” said Eveling Vega, a member of the of New York Unidos por el Perú leadership, who added that they may also travel to Piura with more help.

Port Chester Board of Trustees member Luis Marino, Juan Francisco Rosado, Nadir Poma and Eveling Vega will be in the group traveling to Perú. They leave on May 4.

Elina and Juan Francisco Rosado, Nadir Poma and Gladys Girón are among the founders. 

In White Plains

Chef Nilton Mori, owner of restaurant Delicias del Jireh, where a day of solidarity with the victims was marked on March 30 as part of the efforts of Unidos por el Perú, said that the event, called Cevichada Pro-Damnificados del Niño Costero – or Ceviche Dinner to Benefit the Victims of the Coastal El Niño – were able to collect $1,750.

“The money will be sent to my sister Gloria Katia Mori-Marín, who is an accountant in Peru, to distribute among the victims in Chosica. She has been helping victims there and in Norte Chico. Minus the shipping costs, the total amount is $1,729.”

The staff of Daddy’s Deli, a Peruvian eatery in Stamford, Connecticut, where a chicken dinner benefit for the victims of the Peru floods was also held. (Photo via Westchester Hispano)

 In Stamford

A Help-a-thon for Peru in Stamford will be held on April 23 from noon to 7 p.m. at the headquarters of nonprofit DOMUS, located at 83 Lockwood Ave. in Stamford.

There will be food, music and dance, and all proceeds will be donated to the victims. The organizers have announced that there will be special guests, raffles, gifts, surprises and much more.


Workers at Daddy’s Deli, in Stamford, organized a “pollada” – a traditional Peruvian chicken dinner – to raise funds for the victims. The event collected $917, which was deposited into a Wells Fargo bank account managed by Unidos por el Perú, said eatery owner Janet Paulina Arapa.

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