An ‘Immersive Experience’ in Haitian Culture

Dancers from the Mapou Ginen dance troupe. (Photo courtesy of Sabine Blaizin, via Caribbean Life)

Haitian music, dance and art will all be part of the third annual Lakay Se Lakay (Home is Home) “conference” on May 7 in Crown Heights, with a special focus on preserving culture in the context of a gentrifying neighborhood, organizer Sabine Blaizin told Alexandra Simon of Caribbean Life. Blaizin describes the event as  a “day-long immersive experience through drum, dance, and dialogue” on her Facebook page.

She said the increasing changes in Crown Heights, as well as the significant Haitian population, make the area a perfect location for the meeting, and it is an even better opportunity to have the community discuss issues important to them.

“So it was intentional that we have it in Crown Heights this year — I wanted folks in the neighborhood to experience it and build awareness around gentrification to see communities that have been here for a long time and to see who they are,” said Blaizin. “I thought it would be a great chance where we could all share a platform and collaborate with one another and include a dialogue about certain things happening in Haiti, such as national disasters and socio-political issues and how that inspires art.”

Reda more about the event at Caribbean Life.

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