Malliotakis on de Blasio’s Policies

Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis visited the Community News Group newsroom on May 18 to discuss her campaign for mayor. (Photo by Jordan Rathkopf via Times Ledger)

Republican Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis, who represents both Bay Ridge and Staten Island, is running for mayor against Bill de Blasio, and finds much to criticize beyond the city’s destruction of IDNYC data. She recently had a wide-ranging interview with Community News Group which publishes Times Ledger.

Malliotakis pointed out that while she agrees with the premise of the IDNYC program, she would negotiate with the federal government over giving up records related to undocumented immigrants rather than destroy those records.

“We would definitely sit down with them and tell them the reasons why we don’t want to see individuals who have been here contributing to our society a long time deported if they have not committed a crime, but we would certainly comply with detainer requests for individuals who have committed crimes. I also think that as a Republican, I would be best positioned to negotiate with this administra­tion.”

Malliotakis, who has garnered the endorsement of the Conservative Party, took de Blasio to task for not holding the MTA accountable for poor, over-budget performance, and criticized him for his stance on shielding illegal immigrants who committed “minor” crimes from federal authorities, Julianne Cuba writes in Times Ledger.

She also took on a topic of particular interest to some of her constituents.

Illegal home conversions, in which homes are illegally converted from one- or two-family homes to those housing many more people, is one of the biggest development issues facing Brooklyn today, Malliotakis said, especially in Bay Ridge and Dyker Heights.

“In Brooklyn you see a lot of illegal conversions. The laws are not being enforced with the Department of Buildings so those are issues that I think need to be addressed. They are not enforcing the laws when it comes to the DOB in regards to illegal conversations, which is adding even more congestion because you have multiple families living in a one-family house.”

And she argued strenuously against the building of new homeless shelters in various neighborhoods, as well as the construction of new jails, which is part of the plan to close Rikers Island. “The idea of building 90 homeless shelters across the city will be heavily rejected by the communities and I don’t think that that’s what people feel the solution should be,” she said. On jails: “I don’t think anyone’s going to want a jail in their neighborho­od.”

Go to Times Ledger to read more detail on these positions, as well as to find out what Malliotakis had to say about quality of life and gender equality issues.

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