Celebrating a Cricket Win in ‘Little Pakistan’

“Seeing both the Pakistani and American flag being held up by the police is why I love Brooklyn,” said Ibrahim Raja, 16, to BKLYNER. “Now I just hope Pakistan can win against India all the time.” (Photo by Hassan Iqbal via BKLYNER)

Around 100 Pakistanis celebrated the country’s historic win against rival India in the International Cricket Council Champions Trophy final on June 19, writes Zainab Iqbal for BKLYNER. Pakistan had defeated India in the championship final played at the Kia Oval cricket ground in London on Sunday, June 18.

At the event, on the corner of Foster and Coney Island avenues, people celebrated with music, chants and sweets, which they shared with police officers. Local dholak (a two-headed hand-drum popular in South Asia) player, Mohammad Boota, who is also known as “Boota Dhol Wala,” provided some of the musical entertainment. He is pictured above holding the Pakistani flag.

Go to BKLYNER for more on the match, the impromptu celebration and another event taking place on Coney Island Avenue this Saturday.

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