Polish Immigrant Debuts in Musical ‘Nine’

Kasia Sperczyńska after one of the performances. (Photo by Wojtek Maslanka via Nowy Dziennik)

After barely three months at the New York Film Academy, Kasia Sperczyńska debuted in the musical “Nine,” produced by this prestigious film academy.

The musical was written in the ’70s by Maury Yeston and is now performed by the best students from the New York Film Academy. The play directed by Travis Greisler is one of the newest productions of this prestigious school. It is about a director, Guido Contini, who is turning 40 and going through a midlife crisis, which blocks his artistic inspirations and pushes him into a series of romantic pitfalls.

Kasia Sperczyńska started studying at the New York Film Academy in February. Prior to joining the school she got a diploma from the Academy of Music in Katowice, where she studied acting and opera singing. The professional training she received there came in handy during the casting and helped her obtain a part in the musical. Her talent was noticed and acknowledged not only by producers of “Nine” but also the producers of another musical “Urinetown.” The preparations of the latter, however, happened at the same time as the production of “Nine” and Sperczyńska wasn’t able to join the other production.

“Both productions premiered within a week. It wasn’t possible for me to engage in both, with rehearsals happening at the same time,” said Sperczyńska, who both producers wanted in their shows. She ended up playing the part of a German Olga and a doubling for the mother of Guido, an Italian with an opera voice.

For both shows she went through a two-step casting. In the first phase students had to present their dancing skills and in the other one – sing a song assigned to one character and recite a dialogue.

“We, freshmen at the New York Film Academy, were all told not to feel bad if we don’t get the part, because it is usually the seniors who get engaged to the show so that they can apply in practice all they have learned throughout the course of study. However, a couple of freshmen, including me, got into the show and were were super excited,” said Sperczyńska.

As it turns out, the young actors presented themselves very professionally on stage and proved that it is worth investing in them as they have huge potential. Apart from talent in acting Sperczyńska proved to have a strong and mature voice, which can be heard in a couple of songs, especially in “The Bells of St. Sebastian,” where Sperczyńska beautifully strikes the highest tones.

“The play is spectacular, and it is Sperczyńska’s tremendous success that she was able to get a part in the show while still a freshman. On stage she was very professional and it was a pleasure to hear her voice float over the others. Her voice is undeniably her big asset,” said Janusz Sporek, a conductor of Polish-American choirs and owner of a Greenpoint music school who came to one of the “Nine” performances.

For the young Polish actress the participation in the casting and the show itself was a big professional experience. “I am delighted that I had a chance to go through the process. It was the first time I have had a chance to see how a professional megaproduction is created,” said Sperczyńska. “I had had an opportunity to participate in educational concerts, versions of various musicals produced by the London Musical Orchestra, but I have never before taken part in a real musical. I am delighted to be able to do it in New York, the musical mecca of the world,” said Sperczyńska.

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