A Barbados Festival in Brooklyn

Children line up to start the sack race at Barbados Festival Day. (Photo by Arthur De Gaeta via Brooklyn Daily Eagle)

Bajans (Barbadians) living in the metro area and from as far away as Toronto and Barbados joined the 15th annual Barbados Festival Day at Monroe Cohen Park in Canarsie, an event organized by the Friends of Barbados DLP Association, reports Brooklyn Daily Eagle’s John Alexander.

The crowd of approximately 12,000 danced to the music of Lou (Zorro) Drayton of the Drayton’s Two, one of Barbados’ premier cultural groups, and a popular duo throughout the Caribbean and Barbados Soca entertainer General D. Additional music was provided by Technic Music Mix.

“Saturday was a day to enjoy lovely weather, meet old friends and have a good time,” David Jordan, a longtime Canarsie resident, said. “This nostalgic festival reminds me of growing up in Barbados, the way life used to be, things like everyone having a good time.  I have been coming here for the past six years with good fellowship and to see old comrades.”

Festival founder Trevor Messiah commented on how the event has grown in the past 15 years.

“I remember there were only six vendors and 1,200 attendees on the inaugural year. Now it has grown to include people from all walks of life. I started this because I wanted to bring Barbadian culture to Brooklyn, things like its cuisine, kite flying, all the things that were synonymous to growing up in Barbados. I thought it would be a great culture for Brooklyn to experience.”

Typical Barbados games and activities were also part of the event. Find out what they were, and read more about the festival, at Brooklyn Daily Eagle.

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