An ‘Ancient Mediterranean’ Dinner in NJ

Chef Ahmet Dursun (Photo via Illyria)

Ahmet Dursun grew up in Turkey with an admiration for a country he had never been to – Albania, the land of his ancestors. In 1991 he received a scholarship to attend the University of Tirana but with the country going through a regime change, “nothing was stable,” writes Shqipe Malushi in an article that appeared in Illyria.

Decades later, however, the journalist, poet and explorer Dursun has not only has managed to learn the Albanian language “to a professional level,” but also has became well acquainted with the culinary arts while uncovering his family’s roots.

Currently in New York, Dursan – together with Malushi and Arben Krasniqi of Momento Restaurant in West Milford, New Jersey – has created an “Illyrian Original Taste for the Albanian community” on Sunday, July 16, at Momento Restaurant.

This event will be the only event of this nature where Ahmet Dursun will bring back the taste of Illyria’s ancient culture to New York, including sensational delicacies and forgotten, exotic dishes that we did not know even existed.

For details on this five-course meal and more on Dursun, go to Illyria.

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