Giglio Feast Celebrates 130 Years

The five-story, four-ton platform and statue of Saint Paolino at the 130th Giglio Feast in Williamsburg (Photo by Paul Stremple via BKLYNER)

Our Lady of Mount Carmel in Brooklyn is hosting the weeklong 130th Giglio Feast in Williamsburg which kicked off on July 9 with 125 people lifting an 80-foot-tall statue of Saint Paolino.

In a story on the feast for BKLYNER, Paul Stremple noted that the event is 40 years older than the San Gennaro Festival and second in size to the annual Little Italy celebration in Manhattan.

He writes:

Among the huge crowds gathered, friends and neighbors greeted each other, reminiscing over a tradition that dates back to 1903 and the arrival of Neapolitan immigrants to New York. One man explained to newcomers where to stand, welcomed them to the feast, and told them of his recently deceased mother-in-law who had come to the festival annually—“like a kid in a candy store,” for more than 90 years.

Stremple speaks to other festivalgoers, including one woman who had her eye on a lifter many decades ago. For more on her – and her husband’s – story and what’s in store for the week, go to BKLYNER.

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