Danes, Norwegians and Swedes at the Danish Athletic Club’s 125th

(Photo by Arthur De Gaeta for Brooklyn Reporter)

The Danish Athletic Club in Dyker Heights marked its 125th anniversary on Sept. 9 with a dinner dance that drew Danish Americans, other Scandinavian Americans and dignitaries, writes Jaime De Jesus in Brooklyn Reporter. The facility, at 735 65th St., by Sunset Park and Bay Ridge, recently underwent a renovation.

Dave Thorsen, president of Danish Athletic Properties, and master of ceremonies for the evening, joined Erik Bjornson, president of the Danish Athletic Club, in welcoming guests of honor state Sen. Marty Golden, Council member Vincent Gentile and Norwegian Seamans Church Pastor Øystein Kvarstein as well as representatives from various Danish, Norwegian and Swedish Fraternal Lodges and the Norwegian – Gjøa Sporting Club and the Swedish Football Club.

“The event was special as there hasn’t been one like it held at the club in 25 years. Every five years they used to hold a dinner dance and have a big event,” Thorsen said. “They haven’t had this event, though. The last big dinner dance that the place held was in 1992. That’s the last we have on record so this is a return to an old tradition.”

Nostalgia also played an integral role during the evening. “Some of the older members recovered some of the old journals going back into the early part of the 20th century,” Thorsen added. “Some of them are all in Danish but it’s really interesting reading the history and stories of Bay Ridge, Dyker Heights and downtown Brooklyn.”

Just a few years ago, rumor was that the club would close. Go to Brooklyn Reporter to read how things have changed, and what new programs the club plans to be involved in.

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