Greek-American NJ Mayoral Candidate Heads to Astoria

Jersey City mayoral candidate Bill Matsikoudis (standing) (Photo via Greek News)

At a fundraising event at the Stathakion Center in Astoria earlier this month, Jersey City mayoral candidate Bill Matsikoudis spoke of his Greek heritage and what drew him to public service. He has worked in the state attorney general’s office, the governor’s office and has served as Jersey City’s chief attorney, Apostolos Zoupaniotis writes in Greek News.

Speaking in Greek, Matsikoudis said that his late father Elpidofors was born in Thessaloniki in 1918 and he fought the Italians at the Albanian front, in 1940. He later immigrated to the United States and he worked hard to raise a family.

“He taught me to be proud of my Hellenic heritage”, Bill Matsikoudis said.

The reporter notes that the New Jersey city of 260,000 people is home to some 1,000 Greek Americans, and has two Greek Orthodox parishes – St. Demetrios and Annunciation.

In addition:

The Hellenic Federation president Petros Galatoulas called on the Greek American Community to express its support for Matsikoudis, because we need more Greek American elected officials and public servants. He cited Astoria as an example of how with hard work and struggle, all three elected officials of the area are Greek Americans.

Matsikoudis faces off with Steve Fulop, the incumbent mayor of Jersey City, in the non-partisan race on Nov. 7. Go to Greek News for more from Matsikoudis on how the community has supported his campaign, why he decided to run for mayor and what he will do for Jersey City.

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