Korean Food Added to Northern NJ School Menus

Kangwon Lee, president of the Korean Cuisine Globalization Committee, donating a rice cooker to Pomptonian Food Service at Northern Valley Regional High School at Old Tappan on Oct. 18. (Photo via Korea Daily)

Korean meals are being added to the menu in some high schools in northern New Jersey.

Pomptonian Food Service, which supplies school meals to approximately a hundred school districts in New Jersey, said that they are regularly offering Korean cuisine as school meals in public high schools in northern New Jersey [in towns that include] Palisades Park, Fort Lee, (…) Demarest, Old Tappan and Tenafly. They added that they will make an effort to include a Korean menu in all the schools where they supply meals.

Pomptonian served Korean cuisine to a few schools, including Palisades Park High School, as a special menu during the 2016-2017 school year. After they got positive feedback from students, the company decided to serve it regularly starting this fall.


Since 2015, the Korean Cuisine Globalization Committee has run a campaign seeking to add Korean food in schools. The organization offered Korean meals during visits to schools in northern New Jersey to promote the campaign. The reaction of the students who tasted the food was very positive. Therefore, Pomptonian thought highly of Korean food and decided to add it as regular meals [to the menu].

After the committee taught Pomptonian Korean cooking techniques, the company developed menus on their own. They now serve rice over chicken with galbi (Korean rib) sauce, bulgogi, dumplings, and a tofu dish for the 2017-2018 school year.

On Oct 18, (…) when the committee offered a taste of tteok bokki (rice cakes) and kimchi at Northern Valley Regional High School at Old Tappan, the students formed a long line to sample the food. Some of them also thanked the committee.

Mark Vidovich, of Pomptonian Food Service, said that the company offers Korean food once or twice a week in some of the high schools they supply, and added that they share Korean food recipes to all the school cooks so they are expecting the Korean menu to be be distributed further.


The committee is putting great effort into trying to introduce a Korean menu to public schools in New York City.

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