First South Asian Judge for 2nd Circuit in Brooklyn

Jayshukh and Aruna Bulsara help their son to put on his robes after he was officially sworn in, while his wife Christine DeLorenzo looked on. (Photo by Rob Abruzzese via Brooklyn Daily Eagle)

Sanket Bulsara, the first South Asian-American judge for the Second Circuit, was sworn in during an investiture ceremony at the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of New York (EDNY) in Downtown Brooklyn on Nov. 2, Rob Abruzzese reports in Brooklyn Daily Eagle.

Bulsara’s parents, Jayshukh and Aruna Bulsara, who are both immigrants from India, helped with the robing ceremony, while Bulsara’s wife, Christine DeLorenzo, stood alongside him during his investiture by the court’s Chief Judge Dora Irizarry.

“Judge Bulsara is a living example of the American dream,” Irizarry said. “He is the son of immigrants from India who instilled in him the love of learning, the value of hard work, respect for others, humility and the importance of public service.

“It is readily apparent when a juror, criminal defendant, civil litigant or attorney walks into a courtroom and sees on the bench someone who looks like him or her,” Irizarry continued. “It signals that there is fairness in the American system of justice and that the American dream is alive and well. It promotes respect for and confidence in our judiciary. We also serve as role models for young people who may want to become attorneys or judges someday.”

Go to Brooklyn Daily Eagle to read what Bulsara said at the ceremony.

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