Remembering Marcelo Lucero

(Photo via Long Island Wins)

On Nov. 8, the 9th anniversary of the killing of Ecuadorean Marcelo Lucero on Long Island, Patrick Young of Long Island Wins writes of how Lucero was the victim of “seven teenagers who engaged in a weekly sport of hunting down Latinos and attacking them.”

The attacks began when local politicians, led by then-Suffolk County Executive Steve Levy, tried to stir up white voters by rousing hatred against immigrants in Suffolk. Everything from traffic problems to rising (and falling) housing costs were blamed on Latinos, and they were depicted as dangerous “invaders” into whites-only communities.

Politicians lit the fuse, and then tried to walk away when it exploded in blood. They used a language of hatred towards the people they marginalized and then claimed that they did not know why dozens of high school kids had attacked immigrants in central Suffolk for more than two years.

Young goes on to note that “eighteen months ago, candidate Donald Trump visited Patchogue and spoke within sight of the place where Marcelo was stabbed.” But Trump, he noted, was there not to denounce anti-immigrant behavior, but rather to offer “new words of hate.”

Joselo Lucero, the brother of Marcelo, wrote to Young on the occasion of the anniversary of his brother’s death, and Young shares the brother’s concluding words:

What I ask of each one of you is that on November 8th and going forward, you share and remember the death of my brother, Marcelo Lucero, so that this never happens again here or anywhere else in the world. Send messages of peace, unity and much sympathy for the diversity of persons, without importance of color, race or religion.

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