Sikh Army Doctor Joins Murphy’s Transition Team

Lt. Col. Kamal Singh Kalsi (Photo courtesy of Sikh Coalition via News India Times)

Less than a week after his Election Day victory, Gov.-elect Phil Murphy of New Jersey announced his transition team. And among the members is Lt. Col. Kamal Singh Kalsi, who has joined the team’s five-person Military and Veterans Affairs Committee. The Indian-American veteran spoke to News India Times.

Kalsi is the president and founder of the Sikh-American Veterans Alliance, a recently-formed group.

“The team I am in has a General Officer and other prominent people. I am a nobody. I am truly humbled,” Kalsi, an Army emergency medicine doctor, who served on the frontlines in Afghanistan, told News India Times. “We will be helping set the policy and agenda for military and veterans affairs based on Governor-elect Murphy’s broad recommendations,” Kalsi added. Kalsi has been outspoken about the need to make the U.S. armed forces more inclusive.

Kalsi made headlines as the first Sikh solder to receive a religious accommodation in a generation – in his case, to wear a turban and have a beard.

Go to News India Times for more from Kalsi, and details on other Indian- and South Asian-Americans on Murphy’s transition team.

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