Two Women Will Be Decisive in LI Fight Against MS-13

With their victories in Tuesday’s election, Laura Curran, who won the Nassau County executive seat, and Laura Gillen, who will be Hempstead’s next town supervisor – the first Democrat to occupy the position in the century since the position was created – have become the “point women” in the fight against gangs on Long Island.

Curran, who made history by becoming the first woman who will hold the Nassau County executive position, was the target of strong criticism on the part of her opponent Jack Martins. The Republican said Curran was tepid when it came to planning strategies to combat the much-feared Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13) gang and other criminal groups operating in the county.

Curran’s team, however, said that, contrary to what the candidate’s Republican rival alleged, the legislator did discuss gang violence publicly during her campaign and even asked outgoing County Executive Edward Mangano to hire more police officers to help combat the heroin and opioid epidemic and gang activity.


Joselo Lucero, the brother of Marcelo Lucero, killed by a group of white youths in 2008, said that Curran and Gillen’s victories will bring relief to a community unfairly linked to gang violence.

“President Donald Trump’s administration has used the crimes committed by MS-13 as an excuse to persecute innocent youths and families across the state and the nation. Curran and Gillen’s administrations will signify [the beginning of] a new era for Long Island residents, and we trust that their public safety policies will no longer violate the fundamental rights of immigrants,” said Lucero. “We saw how Curran’s rival used the widespread fear of MS-13 as a political tactic and how he associated all Latino residents with this gang. That is the type of practice we are not be willing to tolerate on Long Island. Not anymore.”

Latino youths, the most affected

Curran’s team said that she is convinced that more work needs to be done within the community in order to eradicate gang violence in Nassau. For those purposes, she will seek the collaboration of the county’s 56 school districts, particularly because the victims were high school students.

Since 2016, 26 violent deaths have been linked to MS-13 on all of Long Island, six in Nassau and 20 in Suffolk.

In Nassau County, 12 Latino youths, six of them with known ties to Mara Salvatrucha, are still reported missing, said the authorities.


Residents of the area say that Laura Gillen, supervisor-elect of Hempstead – one of the towns in Nassau County – is another key official in the fight against gang violence.

The supervisor’s responsibilities include presiding over town board meetings and leading the council’s legislative and administrative functions. The position also involves creating and implementing the town’s budget. Moreover, the supervisor has a say in all modifications to the town’s administrative code and other norms and ordinances related to public safety.

In June, 41 suspected members of the gang, all between 15 and 30 years old, were arrested during a raid carried out in Hempstead, Roosevelt and Uniondale. Federal authorities said that 17 of the people arrested entered the U.S. as “unaccompanied minors.”

“Gillen understands that indiscriminate persecution is not the right way to combat gang violence in our communities; her agenda is not punitive. She explained her intention to guide herself by progressive values in dealing with the situation, respecting the rights of all residents regardless of their national origin,” said Martín Alvarado, a 21-year Hempstead resident who volunteers for a number of community programs. “Hempstead is no longer the quiet, peaceful suburb we used to know. We are seeing MS-13 activity. The gang is a topic that weighed heavily on Tuesday’s election.”



  1. Laura Curran is starting out [on] a corrupt agenda. Laura was the (former) press agent for Thomas Souzzi, the (former) Democratic County Executive who’s Administration, in 2002, failed to comply with the Enforcement of the CRT-Reform Policy Agreement with the DOJ, to end a Civil and Human Rights Lawsuit. Souzzi and the Legislature failed to implement the Reform policies that included the implementation of Video Surveillance Cameras in NCCC and [all] areas used by inmates at NUMC Secure Prison Wing. Since 1999, not one Video Surveillance Camera file has been released to the public or to the attorneys of the victims or their families. Laura Curran is complicit in this “Major Scandal” to deprive inmates at NCCC of their Due Process of a Fair Trial that includes [all] the states evidence and Government Protected (electronic) Video Files. As press agent for Souzzi, Laura Curran Aided, abetted and Facilitated this Human and Civil Violation against community members unfortunate to get arrested in NC and were too poor to afford bail by omitting this vital information from the Nassau County tax-paying Citizens who’s tax-dollars purchased the Federal ordered, DA, proposed, Legislature approved, Tax-payer purchased, Video Surveillance Cameras. Video Surveillance Cameras Saves Lives and Stops Abuse and Rapes by ShOA-Correctional Union presidents. Video Cameras Don’t Lie! Long Island’s News Media has colluded with NC’s corrupt Government Administration by ‘Failing To Report’ on the deliberate indifference and egregious, malicious intent of ignoring theses Reform policies and Video Files for public release. Laura Curran is a News Lady that worked to hide the information rather than report on this corrupt pattern and practice that puts lives in jeopardy and enable the “Culture Of Violence” to continue un-abated and un-prosecuted. The News Media is hiding the Truth from the tax-paying public about the Video Surveillance Cameras. Since 1999 not one Video has even been request by way of Freedom Of Information. The News Media are suppose to educate the public_Not [Aid and Abet] “Killers with Badges!” The ShOA-Union is a ‘Continuing Criminal Enterprise’ operating out of the NC Sheriff’s Department. Laura Curran is a part of [all] that is wrong for Nassau County tax-payers and community members. To Date: Laura and the MS-19 gang of Legislators (Municipal Servants)-19, are responsible for more deaths and (cover-ups) on Long Island than the MS-13 gang in the past decade. Legislators and the Executive Administration permitted 14-deaths to occur at the jail because Armor Indemnified Nassau County against Lawsuits_Inmates be damned! This [all] occurred on Laura’s watch as a Legislator, but started under Laura’s press agent job under Thomas Souzzi, Laura is renowned for hiding the truth. I never read any of Laura’s News Reports about the “Culture Of Brutality” at NCCC/NUMC. After voting to approve Ed- sticky-fingers -Mangano’s politically engineered Health-Care Scheme that puts Mangano’s Crony appointed operatives at NUMC back in-charge of inmates Health-Care despite NUMC’s past history of deaths, abuse, and cover-ups for “killer jail Guards” Remember Thomas Pizztuo. Now it’s Darryl Woody’s death that Nassau County is covering-up because NC is not indemnified in Darryl Woody’s lawsuit. This is a Homicide that’s being covered-up as a suicide. The News Media is failing to report that Darryl’s death on January 3, 2011, while still on 1to1 24-hour [constant] Suicide Supervision at NUMC. his death was caught on Video Surveillance Cameras at NCC at NUMC. NCCC blames the Medical Center. NUMC blames the jail. Both ‘conspire and collude’ to hide the truth by obstructing Justice and tampering with [Government Protected Files] that depicts a homicide by asphyxiation_Choke-Hold by killer jail guards who said that Darryl Woody was “Found hanging.” What NCCC, NUMC The DA’s Office, NYSCOC, Homicide Squad, DOC, Lawmakers, and the News Media, have to hide? “We Can handle the truth! ” Release the Video(s)!” ” Trial Date: April 2018. Yes, Seven years ‘still’ no closer to the truth. What happened to a Federal Investigation? The Feds are in bed with Nassau County’s (corrupt) Administration! The Feds Know! We took Michael Goldberg of the Easter District of New York, Brooklyn’s Civil Rights Branch. Two years later Mangano, the jail and the NUMC’s ‘Tragic-Care’ gets a pass. What’s in Laura wallet? A get out of jail free card _or Free Pass on Negative press card by her former press colleagues run by Altice USA. Altice is the Long Island’s equivalent to Sinclair Broad Casting. “When you control the media, you control the Message!” If the message is deception then the community has been deceived. News Suppression by Long Island’s Corporate Establishment. Free-Press for a Price. What’s Laura’s price_”Her Fee(?)” How many more minorities must pay with their lives_damn the treasure! Which News Media will call Nassau County’s Laura Curran out on the Video Cameras?

  2. The MS-19 (Municipal Servants-19) are responsible for more death in Nassau County than the MS-13 gang in the last decade; when it come to pre-trial detainees,who are too poor to afford the high bails. The MS-19 gang of legislators, through their malfeasance and failure to hold [known] serial abusive jail guards, ranking-staff members, accountable for egregious and repeated violations of the CRT-Reform Policy Agreement mandated by the Feds and agreed to by Nassau County’s (then) N,C. Executive Thomas Souzzi.

    He was the County Executive of Nassau County, New York, in office from 2002 to 2009. He was first elected to the post in 2001 after four terms as mayor of Glen Cove, New York. In 2006, he ran unsuccessfully against Eliot Spitzer for the Democratic nomination for Governor of New York.

    Laura Curran was Thomas Souzzi’s_Manchurian Candidate propaganda agent from 2006 to 2008. Installed by the establishment to continue the status-quo that puts money over lives to protect the County’s bottom line on taxes.

    In 2006, during the Suozzi administration, Curran was hired as a part-time Nassau County press officer. Her duties included coordination of activities between county agencies.

    “I got to parachute into every agency . . . and got a crash course on just about every department,” Curran recalled.

    Curran left the Suozzi administration in 2008.

    What is Laura Curran Hiding?

    “Laura Curran still refuses to release the video of her recent debate appearance at the Long Island Business Council, and despite all of this, she continues to say she is for ‘more transparency in government.’”

    “Jack Martins believes that transparency in government is crucial and one of the keys to earning, and keeping, the public trust.

    Prisoner advocates agree the introduction of cameras has deterred guard misconduct in many prisons and jails. It has also helped many victims of abuse prove their cases in court. Huge lawsuits will be inevitable when the camera shows all that is denied in inmate care and custody.

    The tragic death of Thomas Pizzuto speaks volumes about the real nature of the criminal justice system in America. At the news conference his father said, “Tommy went in for a traffic ticket. He got the death penalty.

    Description: Civil rights claim (42 U.S.C. 1983) by widow and family of Thomas Pizzuto who was beaten to death by Nassau County corrections officers while an inmate in the Nassau County Jail in 1999. Pizzuto’s death resulted in the convictions of five Nassau County corrections officers and a federal mandate for the jail to change the way officers use force and how inmate brutality is investigated.

    Outcome: Structured settled for net present value of $7.5 million. Payments will be spread out over a number of years and the total could be up to $17 million over time. Thomas Pizzuto’s mother, Carol, and his siblings, Joseph, Russell and Anthony, will receive a onetime payment totaling $250,000. Pizzuot’s father died in 2001.

    In 2002 federal and local officials signed off on a legal settlement that mandated new policies on use of force and medical care at the jail, that had already been in practice.

    Souzzi was the County Executive of Nassau County, New York, in office from 2002 to 2009. He was first elected to the post in 2001 after four terms as mayor of Glen Cove, New York. In 2006, he ran unsuccessfully against Eliot Spitzer for the Democratic nomination for Governor of New York.

    “Gulotta said the installation of the cameras requires the approval of the County Legislature. He didn’t know when they would be installed, or the price tag, but said it would run into the millions. “Yes, we can afford it,” he said. Nassau District Attorney Denis Dillon has recommended the installation of cameras at the jail. Gulotta said the cameras could monitor performance, act as a deterrent and provide investigators with key evidence in the event an abuse complaint is filed. As the new liaison, Deputy Undersheriff Ernest Weber would report directly to the sheriff, the district attorney’s office and the County Legislature about abuse complaints. Gulotta said, as previously announced, that medical care is being upgraded at the jail.

    “Laura Curran’s policies require legislative action, just as Laura voted to nearly double her own pay, she should vote to implement her own reforms,” Nevin said in an email.

    The Hypocrisy of Laura Curran: On Nepotism and Patronage

    They abdicated their responsibility to enforce use of force policies and to hold accountable staff who violate them.

    In New York, it was only after Thomas Pizzuto was allegedly beaten to death in early January at the Nassau County Jail that the local district attorney called for the installation of video cameras.

    To date, 190 officers have been injured in the line of duty at the jail, while 271 were hurt by inmates last year, Sullivan said. 
    Not one caught on Video Surveillance Cameras since 1999.(Editor’s Note: ShOA, which was formed in 1999 as a result of the Nassau County correction officers’ separation from CSEA, represents approximately 1,100 correction officers who serve at the Nassau County Correctional Facility.)

    They got this thing called the brotherhood of the shield,” said inmate Henry Jackson of Freeport, who alleged he was beaten by guards in June 1997 while awaiting trial for burglary. “It’s a lot of bad guards,” Jackson added, “and those that are not participating are just looking the other way.

    Taken together, the stories suggest a pattern of abuse and intimidation at the jail, where prisoners say guards uphold a “culture of silence” and guards, in turn, say that most inmate allegations are untrue. “These accusations are always checked into and usually proven false,” said Mark Barber, president of the prison’s 1,000-member correction officers union. “But what [prisoners] call the culture of silence, we call the brotherhood and the sisterhood.

    The guard most frequently accused of attacking inmates over the last decade, Salvatore Gemelli, was vice president and then president of the correction officers’ union for much of that time. And jail officials have yet to install the surveillance cameras that prosecutors have long urged as a way of deterring beatings and aiding investigators.

    But the president of the corrections officers’ union, Mark Barber, conceded that there might have been abuses in the past and attributed any problems in the culture inside the jail to a failure by the authorities inside and outside the Sheriff’s Department to investigate allegations thoroughly enough. ”I welcome the Pizzuto investigation,” he said, adding that he had instructed all his members to cooperate with law enforcement officials.

    More than 100 jail guards were on hand to show support as the two pleaded guilty. When the defendants arrived, fellow guards surrounded their car and formed a human wall to prevent reporters and photographers from having any contact with them.

    The Pizzuto family was forced to walk through a crowd of grim-faced jail guards to get into the courthouse, prompting the victim’s mother to sob loudly as she walked into the courtroom.

    “I couldn’t believe that this is the world we live in, that these people are backing up murderers,” Ms. Pizzuto told New York Newsday.

    The ShOA-Correctional Union is a Continuing Criminal Enterprise, established in 1999, following the [beating and stomping] death of Thomas Pizzuto (inmate).

    Pizzuto was begging for his medications when he was attacked and stomped for five minutes, by killer correctional guards at NCCC/NUMC.

    The ShO-A is formidable-force protected by legislators who count on their endorsements during elections. They abdicated their duty to enforce the Use Of Force Policy that protects inmates. Laura had a front-row seat while manipulating and transcribing to subvert the controversies. Sh’e Nassau County Manchurian candidate_select that was inducted by the establishment to hide the news rather the expose the corruption that cost lives. Li’s sweetheart is a Fraudulent _flawed apologetic Democratic liar. The community doesn’t need people like her. The Democrats were in-charge when Thomas Souzzzi, Laura Curran’s (then) “Boss” Tom Souzzi failed to comply with the CRT Reform Policy Agreement that specifies the implementation and installation of the Video Surveillance Cameras at NCCC/NUMC. To date _not one Video Camera file has ever been reviewed by legislators or released to victims of inmates, whose lives have been endanger or lost because Laura and Corrupt Company failed to act on behalf of the most vulnerable of society_prisoners! Where Are The Feds? The Feds area in bed with Nassau County corrupt jail. the Feds are storing prisoners there with an agreement to turn their backs on the on-going Civil and Human Rights atrocities being ignored by legislators. L:aura Curran is in support of the abuses If you’re not for it, than you are against it! Out-law the ShOA Union of killers with badges and a license to kill with impunity at NCCC and NUMC. Nassau County’s Pit-Bull with a Bra is only lip-stick device with a smile and something to hide_The Truth!

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