In Brooklyn, Challenging Rep. Yvette Clarke

Adem Bunkeddeko (Photo by Phoebe Taylor Vuolo via Kings County Politics)

In Brooklyn, Adem Bunkeddeko, the Harvard Business School-educated son of Ugandan immigrants, has decided that it’s time to challenge Rep. Yvette Clarke, who has held her seat in the 9th congressional district (D – Crown Heights, Flatbush, East Flatbush, Brownsville, Sheepshead Bay) since 2006. Phoebe Taylor Vuolo writes in Kings County Politics about the candidate, who began his political career as a grass-roots organizer in Flatbush and is a “longtime member” of Community Board 8:

Though Bunkeddeko is clear that he respects Clarke and her work, he argues that her service has been lacking in legislative achievement, clarity on key issues, and engagement with the community.

“For 12 years we have had the status quo, and for 12 years, we have gotten nothing in return,” said Bunkeddeko. “We’re in the middle of a housing crisis, we have criminal justice issues, we have a president that is basically tearing apart the country, and tearing apart families who came here as immigrants. And we’re not going to tackle any of these large problems doing things as business as usual. No ill will toward [Clarke], but it’s time for change.”

Bunkeddeko cites housing as the most significant issue facing Central Brooklyn, and he favors the implementation of Community Land Trusts to allow for more public input. He also believes that the federal government needs to do more to help immigrant families, and talked about critical social justice issues.

Go to Kings County Politics to read the candidate’s views on how “we’re in a war for the soul of the country,” and what thing needs to be done. Find out too, what his mother says about his decision to enter politics.

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