Advising North Fork Salvadorans

Immigration lawyer Christopher Worth speaking at a Riverhead session for Salvadorans with TPS (Photo by Kelly Zegers via Riverhead News-Review)

On Jan. 21 immigration lawyer Christopher Worth of East Quogue, Long Island, presented options that Salvadorans with TPS – who number almost 15,000 on the island – have to stay in the U.S. as well as answers to the question he most frequently receives these days: “What do I do now?” Kelly Zegers of Riverhead News-Review covered the session, held with the North Fork Spanish Apostolate at St. John’s Church in Riverhead, Long Island. The area is home to a large number of farmworkers, many of whom are affected by the decision to end TPS.

Sister Margaret Smyth of the North Fork Spanish Apostolate said this news garnered a “huge reaction” among Salvadorans over what ending the protection means and if there are paths that can be taken toward legal status.


“This is hitting some of the farms and farmworkers,” she said.

Rob Carpenter, administrative director for the Long Island Farm Bureau, said he is not certain what the breakdown is in terms of farmworkers on the North Fork, so it is unclear what the impact could be if many Salvadorans leave the country.

“I would like to reinforce that we really need to find a way to keep valuable farm workers in this country,” Mr. Carpenter said. “Just trying to have a means of enforcement is not reforming the system … I think by any means necessary that we can have to find a workable immigration system is the most important thing.”

For more on how Worth advised TPS holders and the economic impact of ending TPS as described in a letter county officials sent to members of Congress, go to Riverhead News-Review.

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