Mexican Runners Will Be Honored in New York

(Photo via Diario de México USA)

What started as a dream of six people became a reality for more than 70 immigrants.

Last summer, Mexican-born Alberto Ortiz and other friends decided to form a group of runners without imagining that some day they would be honored by the sports organization New York Road Runners (NYRR).

In an interview with Diario de México USA, Ortiz said that the club, called United Mexican Runners of NY, was established with the aim of “making a team that could represent México, our roots,” as well as providing a source of inspiration for the immigrant community in the U.S.

“We are a group of immigrants who work long hours and train every day to improve,” he said.

Even though it would seem impossible for Mexicans to stand out in the New York sports field because of their migrant status, he decided to incorporate the club and create uniforms for each member.

From that moment on, he was approached not only by Mexican runners but also by people from other countries such Ecuador, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala and even the Arabian Peninsula.

“We recognize and enlist people from any country,” said Ortiz, who explained that each member honors their country of origin by placing their national flag on their shirts, along with the [Mexican] emblem of the eagle devouring a serpent.

Recently, the leader of United Mexican Runners of NY learned that they will be honored on Feb. 1  by the New York Road Runners and the city of New York during an event recognizing the best teams.

“We are a family of runners (70 people) and we are very proud to be recognized as migrants,” he said.

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