New Irish Organization in NJ

The Rutherford Irish American Association (Photo via Irish Central)

A new Irish-American organization has formed in a New Jersey town about 12 miles from Manhattan – the Rutherford Irish American Association. In a short period of time, RIAA has brought together hundreds of members and organized major events, reports Debbie McGoldrick for Irish Central.

In less than six months, RIAA members have organized a sell-out dinner dance, a first ever St. Patrick’s Day parade for their town – ironically, one of only three in New Jersey which is alcohol-free – and a number of social events which have brought the tight-knit local Irish even closer together.

“We have a great Irish community here in Rutherford,” Dublin native Joe Kelly, 47, told the Irish Voice.

“It’s a beautiful town and many of us are Irish who moved here in the 1980s or the 1990s after living in Hoboken or Jersey City. Then we settled down, had families and moved to Rutherford. You just can’t beat it here.”

While RIAA members must be one-quarter Irish, those who are not can still join as associates, the co-founder said.

“We’re happy to see Indians and Hispanics and African Americans join our group,” says Kelly.  “We have about 20 associate members and we’ll be delighted to introduce them to things like Gaelic football.”

For more on how RIAA started, upcoming activities, member demographics, and how the group’s formation, in a way, defied the odds, go to Irish Central.

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