A Greek Rally for ‘Macedonia’

Greek-American Community’s New York Rally for Macedonia. (Photo by Costas Bej/The National Herald)

On March 18 at Dag Hammarskjold Plaza, Greeks from across the U.S. rallied behind the message, “Macedonia is Greece.” A naming dispute has existed between Greece and the Republic of Macedonia ever since the latter became an independent state following the breakup of Yugoslavia. To Greeks, the name of “Macedonia” belongs to a region in northern Greece. The issue is making headlines again with Macedonia pushing to join NATO and the EU. In addition, the two countries “have stepped up talks with UN Special Representative Matthew Nimetz to finally resolve the name issue,” writes The National Herald’s Eleni Sakellis.

Many among the speakers noted the powerful role the diaspora has played in the past for Greece and will continue as long as is necessary to help the homeland. Stelios Kirimlis – President of the Pan Macedonian Association spoke about the long history of Macedonia and its inherent Greek-ness. Dimitris Filippides – Vice President of the Pan-Macedonian Association who presented the event noted that the slogan should be “Ellas, Ellas, Macedonia” which was quickly adopted by the enthusiastic crowd.

To read more about the demonstration, and to see photos and videos, go to The National Herald.

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