Chinese Political Club Mobilizes in Brooklyn

NYC Asian American Democratic Club President Kenneth Chiu and Former Comproller John Liu. (Photo by Stephen Witt via Kings County Politics)

The New York City Asian-American Democratic Club (NYCAADC) called for greater political empowerment at a Lunar New Year celebration at the Golden Imperial Palace restaurant in Sunset Park.

Attendees included former Comptroller John Liu and Assemblyman Peter Abbate Jr. – whose district is now half Asian – as well his community liaison, Irene Chu, who is described by Kings County Politics’ Stephen Witt as the “most prominent Asian-Americans working in local politics” along with Democratic District Leader Nancy Tong.

Witt covered the event:

NYCAADC President Kenneth Chiu, who was born and raised in Dyker Heights, said it was 50/50 on whether it will take an Asian-American from the outside such as Liu did when he ran for the city council or people who come up through the Democratic Party ranks to finally get elected as a Brooklyn Asian-American. It could be someone like Chris Miao, the young lawyer, who came out of nowhere and ran against City Council Member Carlos Menchaca (D-Sunset Park, Red Hook) last year, Chiu said.

“There are folks that are fed up with the status quo who are told to wait, wait, wait, wait, and when is that wait going to be over,” said Chiu.

“For now, we just have to recruit more people and keep pushing for what our people in the community need like school programming, safety, senior housing and affordable housing. These are major needs all over South Brooklyn.”

Liu called on Asian-American activists to “do something … [that’s] never going to be convenient for you.” Find out what that is, as well as his account of how the front page of The New York Times pushed him to run for the City Council, at Kings County Politics.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Watch this horrific video and ask yourself why it isn’t covered by every news station. It doesn’t fit the current agenda. This needs to be made public now.

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