Int’l Night Market Returns to Queens

The Queens International Night Market returns to the New York Hall of Science next month with more than 300 vendors offering diverse and exotic cuisine from around the world. (Photo courtesy of John Wang via Times Ledger)

The Queens International Night Market returns to Flushing Meadows Corona Park for its fourth season with two “sneak preview” events on April 21 and 28 that will be ticketed for the first time, reports Tara Law in Flushing Post.

Tickets for the sneak preview events will be $5, or $8 at the door if not sold out. After the sneak preview events, the market will return every Saturday through the summer.

The Night Market will bring back perennial favorites and introduce new vendors.

New vendors will serve specialties such as Thai roasted crickets, Mexican tacos al pastor, Italian porchetta, Moldovan waffle rolls and many other dishes.

“The city’s first and only regularly occurring night market” has been a huge draw on Saturday nights since its inception, writes Bill Parry in Times Ledger.

Over its first three seasons the food-focused festival drew more than 600,000 visitors, helped launch 200 new businesses in New York, and represented more than 80 nations through its vendors and their food. Last year the event averaged 9,000 attendees each Saturday night, according to its founder, John Wang.

“In order to create a uniquely diverse and welcoming event, we have focused almost obsessively on affordability and accessibility,” Wang said. “As a testament to that we continue to draw perhaps the most diverse crowd in New York City — it feels like a true cross-section of NYC is in attendance on any given night. That’s really what makes the whole endeavor worthwhile.”

Most food items will remain priced at $5, with just a few priced at $6.

Meanwhile, writes Law, “performances will be nearly as diverse as the food. Performers will showcase many styles of dance, music and acrobatics including Balinese gamelan, jazz cartoon theme songs, an all-women Afro-Brazilian percussion ensemble, capoeira, street juggling and acro gymnastics.”

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