A Caribbean Immigrant Comedy in Brooklyn

Mom knows best: In B. Nandi Jacob’s play “Mother-in-Law,” at the Black Lady Theatre on April 7, the title character schemes to break up her son’s upcoming marriage. (Photo via Caribbean Life)

Playwright B. Nandi Jacob’s immigration-themed comedy opens April 7 at the Black Lady Theatre in Bedford-Stuyvesant. Set in Brownsville, the play centers on Petra, an undocumented immigrant who is set to marry fiancé Philo, until her “Mother-in-Law,” as the show is called, gets involved.

Caribbean Life’s Alexandra Simon speaks to the British-Trinidadian playwright, who said that the mainstream media ignores how immigration policies affect Black and Caribbean immigrants. She said “that her play is a rare chance to learn about a story facing many in the Caribbean community.”

“In the immigration struggle — we are literally absent from it, but this issue has always been in our community, especially for those who came here and are undocumented,” she said. “And now that immigration has tightened up, there are many undocumented immigrants who are impacted, and going through a marriage like Petra’s. For Caribbean people, there’s a lot of us who know so many stories like this, and my ultimate goal is to get that message out there — and make people laugh.”

For more on “Mother-in-Law,” including why Jacob chose to make the play a comedy, go to Caribbean Life.

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