Sustaining Asian-American Media Outlets

The roundtable was held April 9 at the Museum of Chinese in America in Lower Manhattan. (Photo from 3AF via The FilAm)

The Asian American Advertising Federation brought together ad agencies and some 15 community media outlets for an April 9 roundtable at the Museum of Chinese in America on media sustainability, reports Cristina DC Pastor in The FilAm, one of three Filipino outlets in attendance.

Journalists and advertisers addressed challenges in today’s media environment, including how immigration policies are “contributing to a ‘diminishing’ Asian American community.”

“The community itself has [slowly] been diminishing,” said Ellen Kim of the Korean TV station TKC. “It’s been sort of sizing down a bit and I think, a lot of national policies have had an impact on our community, with immigration, all these work visas (becoming) more strict we see less and less people coming in from Korea to live in the United States. I think that’s one issue that we’re facing right now.”

Participants also discussed matters of digitalization, the importance of differentiating between Asian groups, and the generational divide between those who follow ethnic media and millennials who tend to look elsewhere for their news.

Go to The FilAm to read more on the roundtable, including why one market researcher said, “We can no longer reliably rely on immigration to make our case for in-language advertising.”

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