Terraza 7 and Mexican Folk Dancing in ‘Nueva York’

The latest edition of CUNY TV’s “Nueva York” features a popular Jackson Heights bar, a Mexican dance group in Brooklyn, an episode of “I AM A DREAMER” and an interview with a Peruvian composer.

The show starts off at Terraza 7, a music and performance venue that has “survived the gentrification phenomenon.” Owner Freddy Castiblanco speaks about using music to promote a sense of community in one of the most diverse regions in the country and what made Terraza “explode musically speaking.” Watch at 2:17.

At 8:46, it’s off to Sunset Park in Brooklyn where youths learn about their cultural roots through Mexican folk dancing at Ballet Folklorico Quetzalcoatl.

Then it’s a new episode of Nueva York’s “I AM A DREAMER” series in which a musician talks about the realities of living as a Dreamer. The segment starts at 14:50.

At 22:14 composer Pauchi Sasaki speaks about how being the daughter of Japanese immigrants in Peru has influenced her music, and working with her mentor, composer Philip Glass.

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