The Fears of a South Bronx Honduran Family

Parishioners at Our Lady of Victory church in Claremont, where many Hondurans pray. (Photo by Paula Moura via Mott Haven Herald)

A story in Mott Haven Herald by Paula Moura follows the ordeal of a Honduran couple in the South Bronx. Months after his arrest during an ICE check-in, Alberto now spends his days at the Hudson County Correctional Facility facing deportation. He and his wife, Maria, along with their 18-year-old son, are among the nearly 5,000 Honduran-born residents of the South Bronx. The couple also has two American-born young daughters.

While about 3,000 of their compatriots in New York City have temporary protected status, Alberto and Maria remain undocumented while their son is a DACA recipient. Today, he runs his father’s snack-and-beverage delivery truck.

In 2005 at age 5, he crossed the Mexican border with his mother to escape violence in their native country. Now, as the risk of deportation for undocumented immigrants and also DACA recipients has reached an all-time high, Maria fears what will happen to her daughters if the rest of the family is sent back to Honduras.

“At night, I can’t sleep,” says Maria. “I have a lot of pain in my body because of the stress. And I have to be strong for my children.”


So many undocumented Hondurans constantly fear deportation. They have been forced to change the way they live. Maria stays at home more, she says, and tries to entertain her children with drawings and games.

“When I go to the subway, I always look around and see if ICE is there,” she says.

Maria has reached out to nonprofit organizations but to no avail. Find out why, and read more on Hondurans in the Bronx including the state of TPS for the community, at Mott Haven Herald.

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