Nepal’s Bajeko Sekuwa (‘Grandpa’s Grilled Meat’) Comes to NYC

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America is a country to which people not only come from across the world, but to which they introduce the taste of their home country’s delicacies. Nepalese have been serving Nepali food to Americans and people from different countries at numerous Nepalese restaurants in Jackson Heights.

The number of people setting up businesses within a small area, targeting a limited number of customers, is growing. But the excitement and zeal being shown by Nepalese businessmen go way beyond that, as they compete in new ways to attract more customers. Bajeko Sekuwa (“Grandpa’s Grilled Meat”), a very popular restaurant in Nepal, has expanded its business in the world market through its franchise, and has come for the first time to New York City. Compared with other Nepali restaurants, the hospitality is better, and special attention is given to the satisfaction of the customers.

The main food items in the restaurant are grilled goat, deep-fried intestines, dried meat, pork and others. Nepalese in and around New York have started thronging to Bajeko Sekuwa to taste typical Nepali food at this restaurant.

“Customers drive six or seven hours to come here and savor the grilled meat,” said Manoj Devkota, the manager at the restaurant. “We are serving customers by offering them Nepali tastes.” In order to give the typical taste of Nepal, the manager says they import all the required spices from Nepal.

Surendra Rayamajhi, the executive chef at the restaurant, comes with three months of training at Bajeko Sekuwa in Nepal. According to Devkota, having a Nepali chef assures the consistency of flavors in all the Nepali dishes (…) So the restaurant was opened to offer a unique Nepali taste, targeting the community.

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Customers say that they get to eat the food that tastes exactly like the food in the Bajeko Sekuwa restaurant in Nepal. “The grilled set reminded me of Kathmandu,” said a customer after returning from the restaurant.

On hearing the name Bajeko Sekuwa, customers have come from states like Massachusetts, Maryland, Connecticut, Virginia and Washington D.C. to taste the grilled meat during the weekends. Five businessmen based in New York, Surendra Rayamajhi, Deepak Bhandari, Padam Gurung, Ganesh Lamsal and Kedar Shrestha started this restaurant in New York. In addition to the city, this restaurant will soon be set up in other states like Texas, Virginia and Colorado where there are large numbers of Nepalese.

Live music from singers adds to the attraction of the restaurant on Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings. Singers Geeta Birlakoti and Jagadish Samal perform on Friday and Saturday evenings, and singers Sangeeta Thapa Magar and Bimal Dangi perform Nepali folk songs on Sunday evenings.

Four decades ago, the Bajeko Sekuwa brand was started by a couple – Dinanath Bhandari and his wife – with them grilling meat literally at a spot on the street near Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu. Later Bhandari’s son Chetan Bhandari started looking after the business in Nepal. Today, the brand has franchises in several countries. Presently, 13 cities in Nepal have their branches.

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