‘Shake, Shout and Rub,’ Call 911, Then Administer Naloxone

Herbert Quinones, overdose prevention trainer for the NYC Health Department, right, gives an opioid overdose rescue kit to one of roughly 50 volunteers who attended the free training session. (Photo by Mary Frost via Brooklyn Daily Eagle)

About 50 Brooklyn residents gathered at a Bushwick library auditorium on Tuesday to be trained in how to administer lifesaving naloxone (Narcan) treatment to individuals who are suffering from drug overdoses, Mary Frost reports in Brooklyn Daily Eagle. Participants learned precisely what actions to take when witnessing someone who appears to be overdosing from an opioid.

“Shake them vigorously. Shout, ‘Can you hear me!’ And if they don’t respond, make a fist and do the sternum rub,” said Herbert Quinones, overdose prevention trainer for the NYC Health Department.

“What do you do?” he asked the crowd.

“Shake, shout and rub,” the crowd responded.

“Next, call 911. Tell them what you’re observing and your location. Then give the medicine — the nasal spray,” Quinones said. “Peel back the paper, place it so your fingers touch their skin, and press the plunger one time.”

“Peel, place and press,” the crowd chanted.

After the two-hour training, participants received naloxone kits. New York State’s 911 Good Samaritan Law protects rescuers from liability if they chose to administer help.

“This is a special initiative by the borough president to use the libraries for opioid overdose classes,” Quinones told the Brooklyn Eagle. Roughly 90 to 95 percent of attendees take the kit, he said, in effect committing to responding to overdose emergencies to the best of their ability.

Go to Brooklyn Daily Eagle to learn why some Brooklyn residents say they decided to take the training, which was sponsored by Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams in collaboration with the city, the NYPD and the Brooklyn Public Library. Similar trainings have already taken place at other libraries, and it’s hoped that more will be scheduled.

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