Chinese Art, Tariffs and a Brooklyn Gallery

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Bushwick gallery owner Harry Zhang “mainly works with up and coming artists from China,” writes Angely Mercado in Bushwick Daily, and worries that Trump’s proposed 25 percent tariff on artwork imported from China – part of a sweeping proposal to impose tariffs on Chinese imports – will hurt the local market for Chinese art.

Zhang Jing’s “Flowers of Life” (Photo from @harrymzhang Instagram)

Collectors and gallery owners like Zhang worry about how they’re supposed to distribute the the tariffs. He thinks it might make it difficult for newer artists to reach American collectors. He also feels that restricting the flow of culture and ideas would just close off the United States.

“Whether it’s passed on to collectors or passed on dealers or collector and dealers and artists… no one knows how we’re going to deal with it,” he said. “We’re trying to ship as many things as possible [to Bushwick].”

In the Instagram video above, listen to Zhang talk about the prospect.

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