Corner Named for Latino Activist Added to ‘LGBT Historic Sites’ Map

Guillermo Vasquez (Photo via QNS)

The NYC LGBT Historic Sites Project, which uses a digital map to document sites of significance to the community, has added a corner in Elmhurst to its list, reports Emily Davenport for QNS.

Guillermo Vasquez Corner, found at 77th Street and Broadway, is co-named for the Jackson Heights resident, originally from Colombia, who championed Latino and LGBT rights and spread awareness of AIDS in the borough.

A member of Queens Gays and Lesbians United, Vasquez would go on to serve on the board of the Empire State Pride Agenda, a statewide organization that advocated for LGBT rights. In 1993, he helped organize the first Queens Pride Parade as a member of the Queens Lesbian and Gay Pride Committee and served as a translator for Spanish-speaking participants. Vasquez would later pass away due to AIDS-related complications in 1996.

Davenport notes that the addition of Guillermo Vasquez Corner comes just days ahead of the anniversary of Aug. 18, 1990, a major date in the LGBT movement in Queens. Read more at QNS.


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