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At the launch of the Everest Federal Credit Union on Aug. 25. (Photo via Vishwa News)

[Editor’s note: The two summaries below are based on articles that recently were published in the local Nepali press.]

First Credit Union for Nepalese in the U.S.

The first-ever credit union for Nepalese living in the U.S. has officially been launched.

The Nepalese ambassador to the U.S., Arjun Karki, inaugurated the opening of the Everest Federal Credit Union in a gathering on Aug. 25 in Jackson Heights, Queens.

During the two-hour long program, the chairman of the credit union, Attorney Dilli Raj Bhatta, said that during its first year of operation, the credit union plans to offer regular shares of membership in the union, auto loans, credit cards, electronic banking, wire transfers, and more. Mark McWatters, the chairman of the National Credit Union Administration Board, released a statement on Aug. 28 congratulating the Nepalese community.

“The first credit union to serve the Nepalese diaspora, Everest Federal Credit Union is ideally situated to provide affordable financial services to the Nepalese community, ” he said. “I congratulate them on their new charter.”

The credit union hopes to branch out to 10 locations and aims to have more than 10,000 depositors bring in $200 million dollars within five years.

Participants at the event were happy that they would be able to bank at their own financial institution. The union’s main office is under construction in Jackson Heights.


City Council member Costa Constantinides, running for Queens Borough President, addressing members of the Nepalese community. (Photo via Khasokas)

Nepali Americans for Constantinides

New York City Council member Costa Constantinides, running for Queens borough president, appeared wearing a traditional Nepali hat at a campaign event on Aug. 25 in Jackson Heights, Queens. The event was organized by Nepalese living in Queens.

Council member Constantinides started his speech saying, “I love the Nepalese community.”

During his speech, he stressed that he would serve the Nepalese if elected as Queens borough president. He currently is the Council member for the 22nd district, which spans Astoria and parts of Jackson Heights, Woodside, and East Elmhurst.

Council member Constantinides has been known in the Nepalese community for his efforts such as having a Nepali-language notice board set up at Elmhurst Hospital in Queens and requesting the Department of Motor Vehicles to provide documents translated into Nepali.

Active Nepalese community members showed their support to Council member Constantinides during the event.

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