Protest in Inwood Ahead of Council’s Rezoning Vote

Inwood rezoning protest on Aug. 6 (Screen shot via City Limits video)

The controversial Inwood rezoning plan moved forward on Aug. 2 after the City Council’s Subcommittee on Zoning and Franchises approved a revised version. Council member Ydanis Rodriguez, whose district would include the new development, voted in favor of the plan after negotiations were made – including eliminating the Commercial U from the rezoning area, reports City Limits. The City Council will vote on the proposal on Aug. 8.

The publication has been following the developments, from a sit-in at Rodriguez’s office after the vote last week to a protest Monday night attended by around 300 people. Some of the demonstrators spoke to videographer Marc Bussanich about their objections to the city’s rezoning plan and whether there would be a proposal they would support. Watch the video at City Limits.

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