Supporting Bangladeshi Students

(Photo by Zainab Iqbal via Bklyner)

Members of the Bangladeshi community rallied yesterday in Kensington, reports Zainab Iqbal in Bklyner, to express their support for students in Bangladesh who recently were attacked by police there for protesting horrific traffic conditions which have resulted in numerous deaths. Local politicians, including Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams, joined the protesters here.

Mothers and youths protesting in the Brooklyn neighborhood were particularly concerned about the recent events in Bangladesh, which have resulted in the deaths of some teenagers.

“It’s the power of motherhood,” Mian Quadry, a neighbor, told Bklyner. “Many of these women are immigrants. It could have been their child.”

“Students shouldn’t have to protest and DIE for road safety. It should be a given!”, “We want freedom!”, “Education is a human right!”, some of the posters read.

“I have been honored to be in the presence of strong Muslim women my whole life and was inspired by the strength of the Muslim women who organized yesterday’s rally,” Kashif Hussain, candidate for the 44th Assembly District Leader said. “Their passion and commitment towards the students of Bangladesh is a testament to how, together, we can overcome systemic disparities.”

Iqbal summarized some of what motivated the Bangladeshi immigrants here to protest: On July 29, a speeding bus ran over a group of students in Dhaka, Bangladesh, killing two teenagers and injuring 10 young people. Then, after high school and college students staged protests against traffic conditions, the Bangladeshi government attacked the protesters. Noted photographer and activist Shahidul Alam was detained by police after an interview he gave was published on Al Jazeera.

Bklyner quotes one young Bangladeshi teen here, who spoke about how stories of students pressing for change in Bangladesh inspired her. Read what she had to say, and more about the Kensington rally, in Bklyner.

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