Uruguayans Celebrate Independence without Flag-Raising

(Photo via Reporte Hispano)

The Uruguayan community celebrated the 193rd anniversary of their country’s independence with activities in New Jersey and New York, uniting a diaspora that, according to the 2010 census, numbers 56,884 people.

Following a yearly tradition, the Uruguayan community in Elizabeth, New Jersey, expected to raise the national flag at City Hall, but this year it was not possible because Mayor Chris Bollwage was on vacation.

This did not prevent the “Charrúas” from celebrating with a carnival, music, matambre [traditional stuffed meat roll] and good wine.

“We in the community understand that sometimes you can’t have it all, so we are going to celebrate properly in Elizabeth’s Club Uruguayo, with food, drinks and carnival, to remember our homeland in a healthy, festive atmosphere,” said Uruguayan resident Julio Cruzado.

The raising of the Uruguayan flag in Elizabeth has taken place for 35 years. In May 2013, Uruguayan Consul Carlos Obando offered the mayor a bust of Gen. José Artigas, the independence hero who launched the establishment of the Oriental state in South America.

The cities of Newark and New York, as well as the state of Connecticut, also exhibit busts of Gen. Artigas.

This year’s party took place [last Friday] at Club Uruguayo, on 1034 E. Jersey St., Elizabeth, NJ 07201. Eduardo Da Luz and Hugo “Cheche” Santos, Murga Traficantes de Febrero and Catherine 1034 were expected to perform.

Meanwhile, last Thursday the Uruguayan Consulate in New York, on 420 Madison Ave., hosted a reception for the 193th anniversary of Uruguay’s independence, with an art exhibition called “Vivencias,” by painter Anahí DeCanio, with the special participation of Uruguayan soprano Luz del Alba Rubio.

As part of the Uruguayan government’s activities in support of its diaspora, enrollment for the education program “Escuela Uruguay en el Mundo – Edición 2018” has just concluded. (…)

“It is an initiative completely free of charge that seeks to build up ties with fellow nationals living abroad, with the goal of continuing to strengthen cultural ties with our country, thus deepening our identity by promoting educational practices through technology,” said a consulate spokesperson.

It consists of a virtual platform with updated educational content that revolves around Uruguayan geography, history and customs, highlighting its traditions and personalities.


The program will start on Sept. 4, and has located 210 kids – certified as children and grandchildren of Uruguayans – between 8 and 13 years of age, in such countries as the U.S., Spain and Italy, among others. One of the locations is the Uruguayan consulate in New York.

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