Queens Students Develop Hungry4Halal App

(Photo from Tech Collective via QNS)

Hungry4Halal, an app developed by five Queens College students, helps users find eateries serving halal food in the five boroughs, reports QNS’ Emily Davenport.

Released on Aug. 19, the app also offers recipes and videos of cooking demonstrations. Professor Gina Keatley, who teaches the students in her International Cuisine class, describes how the idea for the app emerged.

During one of the class’s “Eat and Tell” session, Keatley noticed that when her Muslim students spoke about Halal dishes to their classmates, it sparked wider conversations about culture and religion and allowed the students an opportunity to act as cultural ambassadors.

“This is how the Hungry4Halal idea was born,” said Keatley. “The app fills a need for the user, as well as its creators. Users have an easily accessible way to learn about and enjoy Halal food, and the creators have an opportunity they might not otherwise have had to educate others about aspects of their culture.”

Go to QNS to hear from one of the student developers, Afroja Mustofa, on how the app represents her contribution to her community.

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