Schneps Buys Community News Group

From left, Josh Schneps and Vicki Schneps-Yunis of Schneps Communications and Community News Group owners Les and Jennifer Goodstein announced on Sept. 7 that Schneps Communications bought CNG and its publications. (Photo by Jeff Yapalater via Schneps Communications/Brooklyn Paper)

Schneps Communications’ recent acquisition of Community News Group and NYC Community Media has combined the top three local media companies in NYC into one entity: Schneps Community News Group.

According to Schneps, the new group will have a weekly print circulation of more than 300,000 among all its publications and a digital reach of more than 2.5 million page views every month. The company will also host some 40 events annually. Between the more than 15 local media outlets published by Schneps and the dozens by CNG and NYCCM, Schneps Community News Group will amass a substantial number of community publications and become one of the largest local media companies in New York.

Reporter Timothy Bolger points out in Long Island Press, which is published by Schneps:

The deal also grows the Schneps’ group into Manhattan and the Bronx, giving it a presence in all five boros, and its first move into the Westchester market.

Victoria Schneps-Yunis, who runs Schneps Communications with Joshua Schneps, started out publishing Queens Courier in her home in 1985. Les and Jennifer Goodstein ran NYCCM and CNG, the latter of which the husband and wife team acquired in 2014 from News Corp where Les was once an executive and involved in CNG’s early stages.

For a list of the community and ethnic media outlets that will be under Schneps Community News Group, go to Brooklyn Paper, which is one of the publications.

At least two of the outlets are published in Spanish, including Noticia Long Island which was bought by Schneps earlier this year.

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