A Synagogue Pops Up in the South Bronx

Rabbi Choli Mishulovin (right), invites people into a sukkah on Randall’s Island. (Photo by Dan Whateley via The Jewish Week)

Chabad South Bronx, the first Orthodox congregation in the neighborhood in 12 years, holds services in donated spaces. Rabbi Choli Mishulovin, who moved with his family from Crown Heights to the South Bronx in April, is hoping to attract some of the area’s growing Jewish population to the congregation, reports Dan Whateley for The Jewish Week.

Rabbi Mishulovin and his wife are promoting events in the neighborhood using Instagram, email and word-of-mouth. The rabbi says he has spent time walking through the neighborhood to meet community members.


Standing next to a pop-up sukkah during a recent “Sukkah Fest” on Randall’s Island, Rabbi Mishulovin said he is still figuring out how to organize a congregation that has no permanent location.

“We want people to be a little more involved in their Judaism,” he said. “A lot of people have problems with organized religion. One of the advantages with us is we’re not organized,” he said, laughing.

Rabbi Mishulovin says he would take permanent space right away if it became available. “This,” he said, “is what we have to work with now.”

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