Postal Workers Claim Privatization Plans Would Harm Immigrants

Yvelis Medina, from the Dominican Republic, has worked as a mailwoman for 13 years. (Photo via El Diario)

Today, sending a letter to any corner of the U.S. costs [up to 50 cents] and, by law, the mail must arrive under the same conditions to both big cities and the remotest towns. However, this could change significantly if the federal government approves a new initiative that seeks to privatize the postal service.

So argued political leaders and dozens of mail workers who gathered in Flushing on Monday to join a national day of protest, and showed their total opposition to the initiative by carrying signs that read: “U.S. mail is not for sale.” (…)

“This president [Trump] is every day looking for new ways to attack the immigrant community, and this plan will directly harm older adults (25 percent of employees are seniors), small business owners, who are mostly immigrants, and people who live in certain areas, who will not get any more access to the service,” said Flushing congresswoman Grace Meng, adding that the plan has so far been kept under wraps. (…)

Meng said that, along with other legislators, she has presented a bill in Congress that would protect the postal service from privatization (…)

Dominican immigrant Yvelis Medina, who has worked as a mailwoman for 13 years, said the proposal is “terrifying” to her (…).

“If this initiative is approved, I could lose my job because they are going to have to make cuts, paying people less, giving us less benefits and ignoring our seniority,” said the mother of three, adding that the plan does not take into account the workers or their quality of life. “(…) Trump is playing with our future with an agenda that is only for the rich, not the poor or middle class.”

(…) Last April, President Trump signed an executive order creating a special workforce to analyze the potential impact of a reform privatizing the postal system, but according to protesters no official report has been produced yet, and the privatizing plan has been already worked out since June.


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