Trujillo’s Grandson: I Promised to Build a Border Wall Before Trump Did

At a fundraising event, Dominican community leaders supported Ramfis Domínguez Trujillo (second from right), presidential candidate for the 2020 Dominican election. (Photo by Antonio Kelley via Noticia Long Island)

On Oct. 21, Luis José “Ramfis” Domínguez Trujillo, presidential candidate for the 2020 Dominican election and the grandson of dictator Rafael Leónidas Trujillo (in power from 1930 to 1961), participated in a fundraising event with members of the Dominican community in Baldwin, New York. He spoke with Noticia Long Island’s Jenniffer Martínez.

One of candidate Trujillo’s campaign promises is to build a wall across the Haiti-Dominican Republic border to stop Haitian immigration, prompting comparisons to Donald Trump.

“Trump is the one following me because I started talking about the wall before he did. Our stance on Haitian immigration and his on illegal immigration here in the U.S. are the same, and they are perfectly justifiable. We have an invasion that started six years after the signing of the Treaty of Basel in 1795; that is, in 1801 we were attacked by our neighboring country when Toussaint Louverture declared himself governor of the whole island.”

“Now, what should we do? There are more than 3 million Haitians in the Dominican Republic who must be repatriated, those who are illegal. Those Haitians who want to come to our country to work will have to submit to a work visa and then we will have to build a wall from north to south (…).”

On his grandfather, who brutally ruled the D.R. for 30 years:

“I’m a very religious person, I think God never goes wrong and he is the one who chooses our family for us. I carry my two family names with pride because I inherited Domínguez from my father and Trujillo from my mother. Now, let me be totally clear: I have always repudiated the negative aspects of (Rafael Leonidas Trujillo’s) regime, as well as all dictatorships. I’m a true believer in democracy.”

An attendee at the event told Noticia about his support for Ramfis:

“I will vote for Ramfis Domínguez Trujillo. His message has captivated the people. He talked to us about fighting crime, the migratory issue that is harming us, and about rescuing the economy, which is really bad in our country,” said Luis Gómez, who lives in Brentwood.

“I am not afraid of him being Trujillo’s grandson because every person is unique, and each one thinks differently. He did not even get to meet his grandfather. He carries his blood but dictatorship is not hereditary.”

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