A Tribute to Native Culture on LI

(Photo via The Suffolk Times)

The Southold Indian Museum, located on the North Fork, houses many of the 10,000 years worth of Native American artifacts found on Long Island. On Nov. 10-11, the museum will hold its first Sewanhacky Tribute Weekend during which visitors can view and purchase pottery, jewelry and other items, among other activities, reports Kate Nalepinski for The Suffolk Times. In Algonquian, Long Island is called “Sewanhacky,” which means “the place of shells.”

“This will be our very first annual Sewanhacky tribute,” museum secretary Lucinda Hemmick said. “We wanted to invite some of the people from the tribe to come, relax, sell things, sign books, and just be recognized. Then we’d pull that into an appreciation for how long Native Americans have lived here, and their culture.”

The event will include a Revolutionary War reenactment with a musket-firing demonstration, children’s arts and crafts, and items for sale from the local Poospatuck and Shinnecock tribes.

“One of our volunteers at the event is of Mohawk heritage,” she said. “He will educate visitors on what information Native Americans gave to Americans, including fighting tactics and knowing the layout of the land.”

Archaeologist and museum staff member Joel Klein explains why remnants of Native American sites are “more prevalent” on the East End, especially the North Fork, than elsewhere on Long Island. Find out why at The Suffolk Times.

The following weekend, on Sunday, Nov. 18, the Park Avenue Armory on the Upper East Side in Manhattan will host the First United Lenape Nations Pow Wow & Standing Ground Symposium, the “first large-scale Lenape Pow Wow on Manhattan Island.” See Facebook or visit the Armory’s website for more details.

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