Latinos Celebrating Thanksgiving Hoping It Will Not Be Their Last in the U.S.

“I am grateful for my family,” said José Alberto. (Photo via Noticia)

“We are grateful for life and family,” said José Alberto and Ana, two Central Americans who live on Long Island. In spite of the negative aspects of a challenging year and a Trump administration that is being tough on immigrants, they have decided to leave the bad things aside and celebrate Thanksgiving with lots of faith and hope that it will not be the last one they spend in the U.S.

“Having our relatives among us is the thing we are most grateful for this Thanksgiving,” said José Alberto, referring to the fear of being separated, something prevalent among immigrant families (…)

For Rosa, a Nicaraguan mother who has publicly advocated for people with TPS, this Thanksgiving  is the most special for her and her three kids in the 20 years she has been living in the U.S.

Rosa from Nicaragua is grateful for the TPS extension until April. (Photo via Noticia)

“After thinking that there were only a few months left until my TPS would terminate on Jan. 5, 2019, a judge blocked President Trump’s decision, and now I can keep my hope alive until April 2,” said Rosa, who withholds her surname for security reasons regarding ICE.

After fearing that everything was lost, the federal judge’s action led Rosa to have the best Thanksgiving ever and be grateful for retaining a U.S. work permit and staying with her three U.S. citizen kids, aged 10, 15 and 18 years old. “We Nicaraguans have a lot to be grateful for,” she said.

On Oct. 3, a California court prevented the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) from terminating TPS for Sudan, Nicaragua, Haiti and El Salvador. (…)

If the court’s order remains in place after this initial extension expires, DHS will automatically extend TPS for nine more months, until Jan. 2, 2020. “We were the first ones who were going to lose TPS, and now we have the possibility to remain here. Definitely, we have a lot to be grateful for,” said Rosa.


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