Monica Martinez Win Brings Hope for Long Island TPS Families

Monica Martinez shows off the Noticia Long Island cover on her stunning win as New York state senator. (Photo via Noticia)

The recent midterm elections brought a Democratic majority to the New York State Senate, and in one of the most anticipated races, Long Island Hispanic community legislator Monica Martinez (9th District, D-Brentwood) defeated Assembly member Dean Murray (R-East Patchogue), with a 51-47 percent margin.

The Salvadoran-American will take the seat of retired Republican senator Tom Croci to represent the 3rd District, which includes the towns of Mastic, Shirley, Sayville, Patchogue, Medford, Ronkonkoma and parts of Brentwood and Hauppauge.


As soon as the Hispanic community on Long Island learned about Martinez’s victory on Nov. 6, she received a flood of congratulatory messages through the mail and social media, hoping to have her as an ally in Albany.

The letters are strewn on the table: “TPS families, here is where the action begins, now we know who to visit in the Senate, we have the representatives, the fight for permanent residence goes on,” wrote Cecilia Martinez, an activist of Alianza TPS. To those messages, Monica Martinez responds: “My office will always be open for everyone (…)”.

Martinez is the first Salvadoran-American to be elected to the State Senate. “This is very exciting not only for me but for the other women who won and, at some point in their lives, somebody told them: ‘You can’t do it.’ As a Latina, I’m really proud to see how we women are doing it, and inspiring other women,” she said. “It is important for our daughters who are seeing us now to be able to say: ‘I can do it.’” (…)

[In other parts of the interview, Martinez expressed hope that Congress will be able to pass comprehensive immigration reform, and on the New York legislative front, vowed to support the Child Victims Act.]

Now that Monica Martinez is a senator for New York State, her post as legislator for the 9th District in Suffolk County will be open.

“I don’t know who will take my place as legislator but I want somebody who can closely work with me for the community (…),” she said.

“I will keep doing the job I started in the district I’m serving – now, with more resources and more positive activities. I will not abandon the 9th District because they are the ones who have supported me the most. Along with my team, we are going to fight hard to get better laws for a better community,” said the former school teacher.

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