‘We Come From Queens’ Podcast Hits Milestone

Monique (left) and Cadacia (Photo by Nykeema Williams, courtesy of We Come From Queens via QNS)

We Come From Queens, a millennial lifestyle podcast hosted by Cadacia and Monique, will release its 100th episode next month, reports Cassidy Klein for QNS. Each biweekly episode, which lasts about as long as a train ride from the borough to Manhattan, is a conversation between the longtime friends about dating, adulthood, entertainment and “Queendom things.”

“People have this perception about women from Queens,” said Cadacia. “I think what makes our podcast unique is the fact that we really open up and it allows people to see that whatever stigma they had about Queens girls is really not true. We negate what people perceive women from Queens to be, especially black women from Queens to be, and we extend that in connecting with people beyond just the podcast. We make the experience very personal.”

Go to QNS to read more on We Come From Queens, including where most of its listener base is located – it’s not in Queens – and details on how Cadacia and Monique will be celebrating the podcast’s 100th episode.


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